Friday, June 15, 2007

Jays Dine On Washington

You know, we didn't realize just how much we missed Greg Zaun until tonight's 7-2 win against the Nationals. Dude calls a good game and can hit, which - all due respect, Sal - the temps who started in his place just couldn't. Zaun went 1 for 3 with two RsBI and a walk, and helped solidify the bottom of the lineup.

And, HALLELUJAH! Vernon Wells goes 3 for 5 (but somehow, doesn't score a run or drive one in).

Doc Halladay looked great, striking out six in seven and two-thirds to win his seventh.

(We're off to the Big Smoke to watch the Jays take on the Nationals, so blogging may be sporadic for the next few days. But seriously, it's going to be a beautiful weekend, so enjoy it. We'll be back on Monday to tell you if we could smell the gasoline stench off Josh Towers from the 200's.)

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