Friday, June 1, 2007

Blair continues to mess with our heads

How else can you explain the title of his latest Globe baseball blog post?

We just hope that it this is more of an affectionate noogie to the Tao. We're not sure we're equipped for the sort of rejection that would come from realizing that our favorite Jays' beat writer is mocking us.

And speaking of Blair, he does yeoman's work sorting through the mailbag this week. We love when Leafs fans crawl out of their crypts to drop a John Brophy reference into a baseball question.

"Hey, if Troy Glaus had all the heart that Darcy Tucker's got, them Jays'd make the playoffs fer sure!"

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That and he's reading my mind with the discussion of whether A-Rod would have done this with Glaus at third. (cue Twilight Zone music...)