Monday, June 4, 2007

Why we (kinda) like Matt Stairs at first base

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve taken our share of potshots at the Pride of Tay Creek, N.B. this year.

Mostly, we’ve been wary of seeing Stairs patrol the outfield given his limited speed, and the fact that his starts there have been at the expense of Alex Rios on a number of occasions. But given the fact that we’ll be seeing a lot of the big guy at first with Lyle Overbay on the shelf for four to six weeks, we’re trying to talk ourselves into liking the idea.

At the plate, Stairs has been more than respectable, with seven homers and 19 RsBI to go with a solid .936 OPS, although it’s important to remember that a good chunk of those numbers came over the span of nine at bats in Philly (3 HRs, 6 RsBI and 2.394 OPS). Stairs’ numbers versus lefties (3 for 15, one double and 2 driven in) would also lead us to believe that (God help us) Jason Phillips may get some starts at first.

Still, we’re vaguely optimistic that if the Jays are still five games out of the Wild Card with the myriad infirmities that have suffered thus far, then Stairs playing a corner infield spot shouldn’t spell the end of their season.

Another thought: Troy Glaus’ only professional experience at first was an inning in last year’s All Star Game. But given his limited mobility, shouldn’t he be taking ground balls at first, and preparing for the inevitability that his career will likely end up on the other side of the diamond?


Todd Devlin said...

As much as I love the way he plays, I don't want to see Howie Clark manning third base full-time. Too bad, because moving Glaus to first would be a no-brainer ...

Adam said...

er no it wouldn't...... Overbay was recently signed to an extension before the season and can only play first because of being lefthanded. No first base for Glaus!

Tao of Stieb said...

Adam, dude...

We're just saying that Glaus should be prepared to play first, and that it would be awfully handy to have that option to move him there on occasion.

Like, you know, when Overbay hits the shelf for six weeks.

Besides, when we say that it is inevitable that he end up across the diamond, we're thinking of Troy Boy, and his future beyond the Jays.

We're good like that.

Adam said...

I would rather have Glaus at third and Stairs/Thigpen at first then Clark/Mcdonald at third and Glaus at first.