Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Big Hurt's feelings are hurt

After hitting a grand slam in Wednesday's 12-1 bitchslapping of the Dodgers, Frank Thomas spoke to reporters about how the booing from the home fans the night before - which he so richly deserved - hurt his feelings.
"To get booed by the home crowd like that, I took that personally. That really hurt. It's one of those things where I wanted to bring an attitude into the game today. It worked out well for me." (AP via Yahoo)
But so long as he responds by mashing, we say let him have it.

Useless, unnecessarily negative stat: The Jays are 0-3 in games after they score 10 or more runs this year.

But the good news is: Roy Halladay won his third straight start since his June 5 blow up versus the Devil Rays.

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