Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hell Yeah! Another Character Win For Toronto

OK. So we are down about losing Lyle Overbay. But hey, there are a lot of things to be grateful for:
  • Stellar pitching - Both the bullpen and the starting rotation has been more than solid in the past three weeks. Highlights include the maturing of AJ Burnett, the emergence of Dustin McGowan as a legit starter and Jeremy Accardo as a closer, and the return of Doc Halladay. Today with Sean Marcum leaving early with a sore back, Tallet and the gang came in and shut the Chisox down for the last six innings. Another day at the office for this squad.

  • Timely Hitting - Until their recent series with the Orioles, the Jays hadn't won a come from behind game all year. Since then they have made it a habit. You never feel that this team is out of a game offensively. They may not mash like they did last year, but they can piece together runs pretty effectively when they need them.

  • Attitude - When things went to hell, these guys could have given up. Instead, they got through it and got better. There are a lot of winners on this team.

  • Wins Are Piling Up - The Jays won two series this week. They are only 5 games out of the Wild Card and are due to get several key players back in the short term. September may be interesting in Toronto this year.

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