Saturday, June 2, 2007

A turning point?

We can only hope so.

After having a nice late spring nap while Jose Contreras rolled through six innings, the Jays were shaken to life by the most exciting play of the week (our apologies to Aaron Hill): Sal Fasano's bunt single.

And just as we were about to tear Mickey Brantley a new one once again, the Jays offense came to life. And not by swinging for the fences, mind you, but by showing patience at the plate and making the White Sox pen come to them.

Our Pal Sal, with a run scored and one driven in on his 2 for 3 day, was the sparkplug today. After his work with Halladay on Thursday - not to mention today's job with McGowan - we're voting for Sal to stay over the wholly mediocre Jason Phillips.

(Although we're not so deluded as to assume that we actually have any say in the decision...we're just offering our insight.)

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Darren Priest said...

And in other good news: the Yankees lose again and Roger Clemente has a tender groin and will be another 2 weeks before joining the club. Haw haw!