Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Life Imitates Art: Jays Win Via Videogame Ending

It was almost as if we could hear some voice from the past uttering "f-ing Gary Gaetti" after the Jays miraculous ninth inning comeback. After Halladay left the Jays in a deep hole, a lot of us did start channel surfing (that Dutton family was wonderful on America's Got Talent). But some of those recent character wins seem to have convinced this team that they are never out of a game. We're not going to recap the whole game (others have done it for us here and here),
but there are a couple of guys that deserve gold stars:
  • Adam Lind - This guy was scuffling until last week. He may have even been given a reprieve when Matt Stairs had to take first to cover for the ailing Lyle Overbay. But in the past few games he has started to show why he has been such a coveted offensive player in the minors. Last night he drove in 5 runs on a HR, double, and a single. Not bad at all.
  • Jason Frasor - Two innings of no hit ball late in the game. Four strikeouts on top of that. Invaluable contribution.
  • Aaron Hill - The guy started and ended the six run ninth. Proof that a walk can be as exciting as a hit.
In general, we'll just say that it feels mighty good to be at one game under .500 after such a bad month of May.

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