Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lincecum vs McGowan

About a month ago, we compared the first starts of Boy-God-Next-Comings Tim Lincecum and Phil Hughes to Dustin McGowan's, and found with our slightly coloured judgement that our boy Dusty at least held his own.

Now that Tiny Tim and McGowan have faced one another, let's review where they are eight starts into this season.

Lincecum - 48 IP, 48 Ks, 21 BBs, 5.25 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, 2-1 record

McGowan - 49 IP, 40 Ks, 20 BBs, 4.78 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 3-2 record

(Since Hughes is recuperating at the Children's Miracle Network Hospital of New York*, we'll leave him out of the equation.)

The numbers look almost identical at this point, although we give extra credit to McGowan for his half-run advantage in ERA, especially since he pitches in the AL (and moreover, the AL East, where every team still rakes).

These two pitchers also seem to be headed in opposite directions. Lincecum has struggled in his last three starts, while McGowan has allowed three or fewer earned runs in his last five starts.

Maybe it's the sideburns.

*May not be the actual name of a medical institution.

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Darren Priest said...

yeah the numbers are almost identical and they suck. If you asked me before I read your article, I wouldn't haev dreamed MacGowan's ERS was nearly 5. Yuck. ah well, at least he is giving the Jays a chance to win and they are doing so.