Sunday, June 24, 2007

The day by the numbers: 1 hit, 0 runs, 499 HRs, and .500.

After his worst start of the year on Tuesday, Dustin McGowan bounced back with the Jays' gem of the year: a masterful complete game, one hit, 5-0 shutout versus the Rockies.

McGowan changed speeds and kept batters guessing all afternoon, keeping the Rockies hitless until Jeff Baker's single in the ninth.

Moreover, the win puts the Jays back at .500 on the season, tied (for a few hours anyways) with the Yankees for second in the AL East.

And speaking of 500, Frank Thomas sits one homer short of that mark for his career after a majestic shot in the fourth. Meanwhile, Vernon Wells teased us once again with a three-run third inning homer.

(BTW, doesn't A.J.'s shoulder look like it's in great shape in this pic? Hopefully, dude can throw his fastball with the same amount of gusto.)

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Darren Priest said...

So what exactly is wrong with AJ f**king shoulder? This is like when I call in sick to work and then sit home and eat corn chips and drink beer. yes, I am currently looking for work.