Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Games like that, they're a roller-coaster ride"

A simple description from Aaron Hill summed up last night's game (if not the season). Going into last night's affair, the Jays hadn't had much success against the Rockies. And the Rockies are one of the hottest teams in baseball having won nine series in a row. So the odds were against success --- especially given that Gas Can was on the mound.

Well, Gas Can had a typical performance --- 5 runs in 4 IP -- but the Jays did just enough to stay in it to pull off a win in extra innings. The highlights:

  • Drought ends - Vernon Wells snapped an 0-17 stretch with a 2-4 night (including a laserbeam HR) out of the leadoff spot. He'll stay there until he heats up.

  • The lumber awakens - Everyone including Greg Zaun (3 hits), Troy Glaus (3 RsBI), Adam Lind (HR) made contributions at the plate.

  • Strikeout Kings - The bullpen combined for 13 Ks last night.

  • Smallball wins again - The game was actually won based on smart base running by Aaron Hill and Curtis Thigpen. With the bases loaded in the tenth, John Macdonald singled. Stairs scored easily from third but Hill motored fast enough that it was clear to Rockies' catcher Chris Iannetta that he had no play and the game was tied at 8. Meanwhile Curtis Thigpen was on his way to third so Iannetta threw the ball to third. Or at least tried to. An errant throw let Thigpen continue and come in to score the winning run. Jays win! Jays win!

  • Somebody's Paying Attention - After seeing injured (?) AJ Burnett participate in a second Chili-pepper race at the Rogers Centre, JP Riccardi laid down the law. "Once was funny. Twice...".


  • Gas Can - This guy has nothing left.

  • Frank Thomas - 1-5 in the box score but this guy is a rally killer. It's June. When is this guy going to become the monster that was promised? Maybe he should stop swinging that iron bar in the on deck circle and start swinging -- we don't know -- maybe a bat.

  • Jeremy Accardo - After being hailed as a saviour for the Month of May, Accardo's come back to Earth.

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