Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tale of the Tape: Travis Snider hits JACKS!

It's been a while, and maybe you've forgotten, or maybe you've been distracted by all of the love you had for Alex Gonzalez, John Buck and José Bautista. But Travis Snider is back, and he hits the ball awesomely hard.

Drew over at GROF got us revved up for the return by pointing us to some snazzy Hit Tracker ball flight and hit speed and trajectory information. (119.7 mph? Are you kidding me?) Which, in turn, only made us hungry for some moving pictures of The Rosy-Cheeked Phenom smacking jacks hither and yon.

Let's go to the un-embeddable digital videotape!

Dinger #1 - 04/15/10, versus the White Sox: A drive well into the 200's, with a bat flip and a Rolen-esque race around the bases. Distance: 435 ft. Speed: 111.4 mph. BLAMMO!

Dinger #2 - 04/19/10, versus the Royals: The most towering home run of the year for the Jays so far, with an apex of 138 feet. Gave David DeJesus a crick in his neck. Distance: 389 Speed: 103.9 KERRUNCH!

Dinger #3 - 04/29/10, versus Oakland: The second half of back to back jacks. Distance: 424 ft. Speed: 111.0 BABOOOOOM!

Dinger # 4 - 05/03/10, at Cleveland: A frickin' laser beam that nearly eats up a foolish Clevelander's hand. Distance: 373 ft. Speed: 119.7 mph!!!1 WHHHHHHHHHIIIIISHNAP!

Dinger #5 - 05/12/10, at Boston: Taking a Tim Wakefield soft toss and slapping it back into the Massholian masses. Distance: 394 ft. Speed: 106.9 mph. SMACK!

Dinger #6 -
5/14/10, versus Texas: At the conclusion of an epic 11-pitch battle that surely led to two more DL stints for Rich Harden, a long loud shot off the facing above the 200's. Distance: 437 ft. Speed 109.2 mph. KEERRRRANG!


Jaysfan26 said...

I'm suddenly having flashbacks to the old Batman TV show.

Leaker19 said...

Please Lord, let him be here to stay. And if you have to take someone, let it be E5.

Anonymous said...

Anthopoulos may have made his first stupid trade. Moving Wallace(tearing up Vegas) for a 20 year old burner is a little too risky.

Archi said...

Great post. Thank you for these.

Love that they showed all 11 pitches of the AB.


rob said...

i love tabler's comment on the 119 mph one. "That's how Cito Gaston wants him to hit breaking balls"

Gay Jays Fan said...

There is no video of Travis's greatest shot: The one he took on my face last night in my dreams.

Ian Hunter said...

My favourite one is the first HR. The best reaction is from the White Sox outfielder who didn't even move a muscle after it was hit, because even HE knew it was a moonshot.