Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleveland? What? Were we in Cleveland?

We choose to ignore anything else that happened in the past week that might have led to us losing faith and our team ending up at .500. That didn't happen. It was all a bad dream, filled with crappy fielding and no hitting.

Instead, we'll rejoice at the fact that the Jays could pull off a win against the once-again mighty Yankees, and that Brett Cecil dominated by throwing the ball where no one could hit it. (To the tune of five walks, and six strikeouts.) And what could possibly be concerning about that?

Weekends!!!1 Playoffs!!!1 Above .500!!!1

Happy Canada weekend kids.

Aww, crap. Update that we don't want to give right now...
Shaun Marcum is headed to the 15-day DL with elbow shittiness. We're going back to drinking, and forgetting that this might be a bad thing. We'll let the Ack clean this up, if he's so inclined.

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Enjoy your weekend boozing, Tao!