Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey, Hunter Wendelstedt....

You just embarrassed yourself out there tonight.

Hunter, you made the right call by not buying Travis Metcalf's little song-and-dance routine on the faux-hit by pitch and waving him back to the plate.

Then out trots Ronny Washington, who you basically allowed to throw a bucket of cold water directly on your crotch when you agreed to confer with the rest of the crew.

By changing the call and awarding Young Travis (TM) the base, you completed the humiliation by essentially pulling down your pants for all to see.

That was bullshit, Hunter. Total bullshit. Of course, David Purcey didn't HAVE to throw an 0-2 meatball to Gerald Laird (thanks for finding your power stroke this series, by the way) two batters later, but that wouldn't have made for much of a post now, would it?


Torgen said...

Weren't both Laird home runs on pitches away? That's what gameday thought.

The Ack said...

It was on the outer half, but it looked like Zaun was calling for the ball in. Purcey wasn't walking a lot of guys, but he didn't have command of balls in the zone.

Anonymous said...

Metcalf should've been drilled the next time he was up so he wouldn't have a chance to fake it. His boyfriend says he fakes it in bed all the time, heyo!!!