Sunday, August 10, 2008

One out of three? Please?

Just a short post today in advance of the finale against the tribe. Hey, it's therapeutic for me.

As a rule, I try not to be too reactionary to the results of any single series (unless they are in October, of course). Having said that, a sweep today at the hands of the Indians doesn't bode too well for my optimistic take on the upcoming 15 game stretch against the AL East, does it?

The end of Brevin
Kevin Mench was optioned back to Syracuse to make room for a "healthy-enough" Vernon Wells. Given that it's late in the season, with Shannon Stewart presumably close to returning, and September callups on the horizon, it's probably the end of the Kevin Mench era in Toronto.

We'll always have that sweet walk-off single, Kevin. Thanks for the memories.

Extendo Ack-talk
I'm extending beyond the usual weekend duties with the Tao taking a well-deserved long weekend, so please downgrade expectations for tomorrow's read accordingly.

5:45 PM Update - aaannnnnd Mench is back, as Scott Rolen hits the DL with his bum shoulder. You just can't get rid of this guy. More on Rolen tomorrow....

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