Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Was that meaningful for you?

Because fuckit dude, we've got wood after that win.

Yeah, we know that the playoffs are still a long shot, but that's what makes this next stretch of the season fun: Every game is going to at least feel like it matters. And did you see the reaction of the players after tonight's game? Hell, the Jays fans were outcheering the Yankees fans at the Dome tonight!

Now let's move to the Roll Call...
A.J. Burnett: Wicked awesome. Has he pitched a game as a Blue Jay better than tonight's?
Adam Lind: More awesome than awesome. We can believe how often we're referring to him.
Lyle Overbay: A gritty awesome gamer with the glove. That was an amazing game saver in the ninth.
Johnny Damon: No longer an option in centerfield. But thanks to Joe Girardi for putting him out there tonight.
J.P. Arencibia: Drove in his 100th RBI of the season tonight. At least someone in the Jays system is going to reach that milestone.


fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

AJ is pitching well this year...wait...contract year for him. He can officially opt-out of his contract and become a free agent. Like Cito said he's going to sign somewhere else. Come on...if Livan Hernandez can find a job in the majors AJ can easily find a team who will offer a ridiculous amount of money.

Happy to see the Jays taking one from the Yanks.

It would be nice to see Halladay,Burnett, Marcum, and McGowan as the starting rotation next year. If Marcum and McGowarn could stay healthy and pitch like they should we should have a decent trio.

Maybe with the iPhone and Blackberry Bold revenue the Jays might be able to get Mr. Rogers to open his wallet again for a HR/RBI guy in the off-season.


Anonymous said...

You don't know how much Yankee fans wanted Melky out of the mix. Now look at what they've got, a step closer to not contending.

Darren Priest said...

I love that "Johnny D" is being blamed for the loss. Fucking "Johnny D." Welcome to the twilight of your career zone. Cowboy down and out, but RICH!

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

Contending? Are you kidding me. The Yanks are out unless the Rays and Red Sox completely fall apart.

If you look at the numbers the Yanks need to put together a crazy finish. If they want to finish with more than 90 wins they need to have a 27-13 record. Then the Rays need to finish with a 15-24 record. The Red Sox need to finish with a 500 record of 19-19. Does anyone here think this will happen???? Come on, realistically think this will happen?!?

I know anything can happen, ask the Mets from last year. But looking at the numbers and percentages, the Yanks are not competing for a playoff spot. They are competing for a nice end to the historic building that Ruth Built.

BTW...Melky should have been sent down in early June. This guy just simply sucks after starting out hot. I wonder who is going to give Giambi a contract for next year after his decent 08 season so far. Wouldn't mind adding him to the DH spot of the Jays. Too bad he won't come with price tag that fits our budget.


eyebleaf said...

senor tao-age, i was at the game, and drunk, tonight...and it was a fuckin beauty.

i love, LOVE, jesus damon. my mom could have caught that ball in the 8th. love him!

and AJ, what the fuck can you say about AJ? he's a dear.

and just for the record, i called adam lind's home run tonight. AND i've got a witness.


and fuck darryl rasner. mother fucker.


Tim said...

This is completely unrelated, but it's really funny if you click the "Next Blog" tab/icon at the top and see what pops up. Could not be more unrelated to this blog. Regardless of that digression, Adam Lind is a stud. What a jack tonight. Keep the faith.

CG said...

Did anyone catch Lind and Burnett sitting on the bench next to each other after Lind's HR, both of them w/their caps off? They look like friggin twins

MK Piatkowski said...

I loved the absolutely joy after BJ's last out. Did you see Ryan? Never mind, did you see Doc? Have we EVER seen Doc that happy?

I hope we keep getting games like this because they have more fun, and by extension, we do. Right now, they believe, and so I do too.

The Ack said...

Fuck, even Campbell was stoked...."AND DAMON DROPS ANOTHER ONE!!!!".

Just think how devastating that loss will be to the Yankees....imagine if Vern had dropped that ball in thr 9th? Or if Rios got nailed trying to stretch a shit-ass single and wasn't even close?

Torgen said...

Hasn't Damon been DHing for a while? So it's understandable that he'd be rusty. Of course, that doesn't mean our hitters shouldn't exploit that every chance they get.

Rob M said...

The next time somebody bitches to me about how releasing Reed Johnson was a bad move, I'm not even going to go into the career batting numbers of Shannon Stewart vs. Johnson anymore.

I'm just going to point out that if they had kept Johnson, Adam Lind would probably still be in Syracuse. Which would be even more ridiculous than keeping Stewart over Johnson was... in retrospect.