Friday, August 22, 2008

Setting up the Weekend

Happy Friday, friends of the Tao, your dear friend the Ack is here after a mid-week getaway outside of Jays country. I'm frantically trying to catch up on all things Blue Jay, as outside of random ESPN ticker readings and USA Today boxscores, I'm basically out of the loop.

What's that? Jose Bautista? That didn't make the ticker. The BLUE JAYS AA affiliate was giving away Clay Buchholz bobbleheads? It's a good thing our guy Snider was promoted, because I'm pretty sure he would have beat the piss out of the Fisher Cats PR genius behind that move. Purcey got knocked around? Bummer. Doc pummeled the Yankees? Boner.'s good to be back.

Oh, and as an FYI going forward, the esteemed ToS will bring the gold Friday mornings and I'll try and drop a short Friday afternoon/evening post before I start really dumbing it down with a longer blast on Saturday.

My position hasn't changed

Right back at you, douchebag.

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Tao of Stieb said...

Such an angry boy, that Ack.