Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have seen the future, and it is Giant, Pasty, and White

So, not a bad little debut for our boy Snider, huh? Oh sure, he struck out looking with his team down a run in the late innings with two on and nobody out......but that's almost a rite of passage for this team, no? I think we can overlook it.

In the span of 24 hours, Young Travis (See what I did there? I channeled my inner Campbell. See what I do for you?) smashed a double to dead center in (shitty) old Yankee Stadium, made a highlight reel (poorly played) catch down an unfamiliar left field line, and induced more boners than a Miley Cyrus google image search in a junior high computer lab. If nothing else, should make for a fun month of baseball, no?

Fulfilling my obligations
Surfing around the blogs, I see it's become mandatory to weigh in on the option years/service time issue.

Try and keep up with me, because I've done a lot of research on the collective bargaining agreement and have extensively weighed the merits of YT's recall against the potential sticking points down the road. I'm about to break it down for you.....ready?

Fuck service time, and especially fuck option years.

The option years don't even matter, as prospects of Snider's caliber - assuming he comes remotely close to meeting expectations - aren't going to be frequent fliers between AAA and the majors. The lesson learned here? Kevin Mench is not a prospect of Travis Snider's caliber.

The service years are a different animal. Weekend readers might find this hard to believe, but people smarter than me have been making rational, logical, well thought-out arguments against YT's recall because of the issue, but.....just....fuck service time.

Chances are that the team will make every effort to buy out his arbitration years along with a couple of free agent years (a la Rios, Hill, Longoria, etc....) anyway, and maybe now this happens a season earlier than expected, but......fuck service time.

I need something here. And I promise I won't complain if the Jays are a few million short of signing a mashing DH in 2014 because of it.

And now we say goodbye to Stairsy

On his way out the door, Stairsy did the following:

- assumed blame for the team's season-long hitting woes

- lamented not winning a title with Toronto

- praised the city, the fans, and the organization

- announced his desire to retire a Blue Jay, even if by signing a one day contract when his proverbial time is up

- lamented not having one more series to take a run at A-Rod

OK, so I made the last one up. Godspeed to the National League Matty. On your behalf, fuck the Mets!


The Ack said...

oh, and to clarify...just because that rube Parkes made the argument I linked to doesn't mean I think he's smarter than me.

That's right Parkesy, you heard me.

Anonymous said...

Stairs is a classy gent. He leaves a 4th place team with a bad GM and still gives a thumb's up to the city AND the squad. God, Canadians are so fucking polite(that is a compliment)!

Can you believe the Jays lose another tight one? I don't care what Snider is gonna become they need to shore up the offense next seaosn. They need more than Manny BTW. They need at least 2 pieces because stiffs like Rolen are an automatic out.

Darren Priest said...

I think it's best if we don't talk about Manny anymore. All signs point to him being a Yankee.

Anonymous said...

Darren , I've lived in the NYC area all my life and can say this: Cashman and Girardi would rather jump off a bridge than procure Manny's services.

dave said...


You've lived in NYC all your life, you know that papa Steinbrenner and baby Steinbrenner don't really give a shit who GMs or Coaches do or do not want to sign.

I agree, though, some people are finding it within themselves to say no to Manny being Manny. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Dave, the baby Steinbrenners , especially Hal, are somewhat different from George. Dave they didn't sign Santanna because Cashman didn't want him and remember how Hank was salivating to get him? Hal Steinbrenner is Cashman's lapdog.

Manny produces BUT look at his fucking hair, the sloppy way he wears that uniform even the Yankee new skool bosses don't go for that. Hal has the ear of Cashman , dave , and if Cash is still around there is very little chance that Manny shows up in the Bronx. People outside of the NY tristate area think it's business as usual in the Bronx, but it's not. The baby Steinbrenners do care what Cashman says, even though they are tanking this year.

That being said, Manny probably will end up in Toronto! JP is stupid enough to sign him and Manny grew up as a Jay fan in NYC. They have the money next year AND the Jays are in Boston's division where he can stick it to Boston every series.

MK Piatkowski said...

Stairs is such a class act. I hope he gets a Series ring out of this and I hope he gets that one-day contract to retire as a Jay.

Darren Priest said...

Not sure they would sign him for the $25 million he wants, but I'd love for Manny to be in a Jays uni.

How the heck was he a Jays fan in NYC? Is "Manny being Manny" all George Bell's fault?

Anonymous said...

and Tony Fernandez

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

I have always thought, if a guy can help your team and make the team better then he should be in your lineup.

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