Friday, August 15, 2008

You know who I miss?....

Aaron Hill. I know, I'm not exactly breaking new ground here. Old news, right? Second base hasn't exactly been the most pressing trouble spot, correct?

Yeah, the Jays are loaded with scrappy gritty solid hustling (any more? Help me out here..) middle infielders who have done an adequate job filling in for the Concussed One, but I can't shake the feeling that the loss of Hill for all but 55 games this season hasn't received appropriate ink (err...keystrokes....err...whatever) in the Blue Jay world. Thus, this post.

Do you mean to tell me the Jays couldn't use a .290 average and 60 extra base hits this season? You don't think the team would love to drop his Gold Glove caliber defense between first base and second every day? You don't think Voodoo Joe, Triple Ecks, My Ninja Scutaro, and waiver wire wonder Johnny Mac would be better served in utility roles tailored to their strengths? Are you going to sit here and tell me the team couldn't use some of this (skip to 2:20)?

Well, you could try and tell me all of the above, but I would reply by calling you a god-damned liar. Here's hoping Hilly (I'm pretty sure that I've heard Matt "Stairsy" Stairs refer to him this way, so let's go with it) shakes the cobwebs and is back to full strength next season. His presence alone will go a long way towards solidifying the lineup.

Heeeeeere's that stretch I was hyping
So, here we are. Fifteen games in a row facing Boston, New York, and Tampa. Stating the obvious, last week I wrote that this stretch was crucial to the razor-thin shot the Jays had at climbing back into the race.

If nothing else, it should be an exciting stretch of baseball, beginning tonight in Fenway. Or excruciating. It's a toss-up, really. Pretty sure you'll be able to tell by my tone next week - if I'm still here, that is. I think my probationary review is coming up.

I like playing with trains
I've caught myself talking about trains a lot lately. You know, like "I'm on the so-and-so train". For the record, I'm a fully fledged passenger on the following trains:

the Brandon League train- I'd like to think I got on this one fairly early, but he's teased us before with late-season surges. Stay off the board this winter, broseph.

the Ricky Romero train - mainly because of all the shit and abuse he's had to put up with early in his career ("Tuuuuuloooooo....hey Tuuuuulooooooo...."), and hey - he's pitching well. I'm pulling for the kid.

the Free Buck Coats train - you know the saying - "the most popular player on the team is the backup quarterback"? Well, in this case, the most popular player in the system is the guy behind Mencherson. Or something like that.

Before I go...

Fuck Kevin Youkilis and his massive chin. Yeah - right back at you there, shooter.

Is there a more detestable player in baseball? I mean, how does the Red Sox Nation sleep at night with the knowledge they worship this guy?


Tao of Stieb said...

Ricky Romero faces big fat Bartolo Colon tonight in Syracuse versus the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Go Ricky!

eyebleaf said...

ack, i'm with you on all fronts, brother. i really miss aaron too. once again, we've been decimated by injury this year. i really thought this was the year for hill to make the all-star team and solidify himself as a stud 2nd baseman in the AL. for shame. get well, get well soon, we want you to get well...

these next 15 games, these are, in all likelihood, my playoffs. i will enjoy them.

and you're absolutely right, fuck youk. youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk. that dirty goateed motha sucka. the greek god of walks. so fucking lame. i hate the way he shakes his whole body when he's at the plate. fuckin hate youk.

The Ack said...

RR vs BFB - epic, epic pitching matchup.
...and, it's just something about Youkilis. That diseased rat nesting on his mountainous chin. His beyond-gay delicate little batting stance. His ability at the plate - wait, did I just say that? FUCK.

Torgen said...

I'd miss Hill even more if there was a chance he could be playing short and not costing Inglett playing time. Maybe I'm looking too hard at the WPA chart, though.

MK Piatkowski said...

I so miss Aaron - my second favourite player on the team behind Doc. Heck, I went to a game just to get his bobble-head (which looks scarily like Rios). I still haven't forgiven Scrappy for elbowing him.

Thanks for reminding me about Buck Coats. Sure hope he's a September call-up - I really like the guy.

Tao of Stieb said...

Maybe it was always Scrappy Doo's intention to play second base this year, and he knocked Hill's brains around in order to get it done.

It's like All About Eve. Or Showgirls.

sp said...

You know, I'm really worried about Hill's concussion. He hasn't even been close to coming back, unlike Ryan Church. Could this be a career-threatening injury. I'd feel a lot better if I heard encouraging news about it but all I hear is "he's not close". Ugh.

Anonymous said...

SI had an article this past week where they talked about this generation of second basemen: Kinsler, Pedroia, Uggla, Kendrick, and Utley. I feel like Utley's in a class by himself, but Hill definitely has to be considered just as good as any of the others.

The Ack said...

sp - agreed. If he hasn't even resumed "baseball activities", it's not exactly encouraging....but, let's not speak of it for now....

Joanna said...

I miss Aaron too. Always reminded me of Luke Skywalker for whatever reason.

And the name isn't Youkilis, it's Pukelis.

bdubs said...

Youkilis looks like he drinks tonic water before each at bat. I can't think of a face that I loathe more than KY Jelly.