Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey Ricky!

After exhausting you with the War & Peace-length essay Friday morning, I hadn't really planned on dropping another post until Sunday (who am I, Ken Burns?). That was, until something caught my eye during my nightly review of the Jays minor league affiliate boxscores over on

(No, really. I do this every night. Six teams, from Rookie League to AAA. You call it obsessive, I call it "staying on top of things". Leave me alone.)

The day after I put myself out there with Ricky Romero, he drops this pitching line for the 'Cuse:

7 IP, 5H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 10 SO

Grab a ticket, friends. Lots of room left on the train.

And since we're here....
You probably already know about Travis Snider's promotion to AAA (um, let's ignore the 3 K's tonight), but how about this year's first round selection, David Cooper, receiving his second promotion since being drafted? Scouts attached the trendy catchphrase "advanced bat" to him coming out of the draft, but this is ridiculous.

In his 3 minor league stops through Auburn-Lansing-Dunedin, Cooper is raking at a clip of .347 - 4 HR - 40 RBI through his first 47 games as a pro. You might think the 4 taters look low, but give the kid a little time and some of the 21 doubles he's hit so far (oh, did I mention those? In 47 games?) will start clearing the fence.

Call this a continuation of the "Reasons for optimism...." post. Don't even get me started on the potential of some of the kids down in Lansing.


bs said...

yeah, but JP can't draft

Anonymous said...

Most left-handers take longer to develop. You just hope it is before they hit thirty. I am actually surprised that he is turning it over this quickly.
-brent in Korea

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. 6 teams. Every night. I love It makes it easier to be a Jays fan. When Doc's sinker isn't sharp, Robert Ray's is. There's always a silver lining down on the farm.

Jason Decque said...

I'm really excited about David Cooper, he seems like a great draft pick so far. .351 with 5 HR and 43 RBI in two promotions.

Tim Beckham is hitting .237 with 0 HR and 8 RBI and no promotions.

One step away from AA.

The Manute Bol Experience said...

I believe Cooper has three years on Beckham though. That counts for something.

Torgen said...

So if you've been paying attention to the farm, I guess you knew about Andrew Pinckney? Red Sox bailed on him with a .270/.300/.400ish line, JP snatched him up, and he's been .280/.350/.450ish for the Fisher Cats. (Which adds up to a better OPS than either of the 3B on the Portland roster). Maybe this makes continued Rolen suckage survivable. Of course, this would all be moot if we had traded Glaus for a real shortstop and signed Cantu, but real contenders don't take flyers on guys. Apparently.

The Ack said...

yeah, I know of Pinckney, wouldn't say he's on my list of closely-followed players (if I had one - I don't). He's what, 26? Probably have to be really killing it in AA to be considered a true prospect though....but hey, cheers for late bloomers.

Torgen said...

Well, by our standards he'd have to have more upside than Hector Luna to get a promotion.