Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eating Raul

Ken Rosenthal of the Sporting News reports that Raul Ibanez and fellow (sub)Mariner Jarrod Washburn have both been claimed on waivers. The news has sparked off more of a frenzy than anything else the Mariners have done this season.

Seems like everyone wants to cut themselves off a nice tasty slice of Raul. Twins fans want them some Raul. So do the Massholes.

MLB Trade Rumors notes that of the "contending" teams, the Jays would get their crack at Ibanez before either of those teams. And it wouldn't make a lick of sense for them to go back to that empty well again, but screw it, man...We want Raul!

We don't even care if it's a dumb move.

Updatey stuff: Sportsnet says the Jays have run Wells and Johnny Mac through waivers. The Minny Star-Tribune says the Twins didn't claim Ibanez. Geoff Baker mentions that the White Jays might have claimed him to get the draft picks. Ibanez doesn't think that anyone's gonna get him.

Our take: If the Jays acquire Raul Ibanez (which they won't), he would assume the mantle of the Greatest Blue Jay of All Time from the injured Scott Rolen. We're crossing our fingers.


The Ack said...

whoa....Rosenthal says the Jays have asked for waivers on J-Mac....and Vernon Wells?

J-Mac I could see getting moved, but Wells? Straight interest gauger by JP? Either way, what i nthe fuck?

Alex said...

every team drops every player on waivers this time of year, two reasons, one to conceal which ones they really want to get rid of, two, to gauge interest in possible trades.

The Ack said...

gee whiz, erroneous verbage aside, thanks for the tip alex.

The Ack said...

sarcasm aside....I'm just saying, if it's likely Wells would clear, perhaps JP was/is exploring something here with Wells, which would be, you know, newsworthy.

Alex said...

hey sorry man most people don't know shit about waivers and if they do they assume it's like the nhl (I think?) where you don't get a chance to pull them back if someone claims.

At any rate, for wells to be moved I think the jays would have to eat a lot of salary

The Ack said...


sorry dude.

yeah, interesting development, nonetheless. Has to piss of a player who doesn't see it coming, though.

Lloyd the Barber said...

Sniff, you shouldn't say that about Scott Rolen. His still the greatest in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Some American Heyman guy is reporting that no deals are getting done for either Washburn or Ibanez.

At least the Jays won't accidentally end up with Washburn now.

The Southpaw said...

I respectfully differ. there was no downside to claiming Ibanez and more than one way it is good for us. I will not bore you with the details but I posted them on our blog.


Anonymous said...

Rolen is not the greatest Jay, halladay is! And Raul.....Seattle wants some league ready talent in lieu of draft picks for Raul so the Jays are out of that mix.

BTW that American, Heyman, knows what he's talking about. at least more than JP or Adams!

Tao of Stieb said...


There's no downside to claiming Ibanez, agreed.

There is a downside to trading for him. Which we'd have to do to get him.

BTW...we're totally plastered. We're literally a drunk Jays fan right now.