Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Statler and Waldorf have got nothing on the PTS crew

Listening to Bob McCown, Jim Kelley and Bob Elliot talk about the Blue Jays is much like the Muppet Show segments with the crotchety critics, only devoid of the humour, reason and reasonable resemblance to actual human beings.

Also, the PTS baseball segments are generally stretched out over five minutes, which is a seemingly endless amount of time to allow Jim Kelley to try to make an argument about anything.

(We think Kelley's point tonight was that J.P. overspent Rogers' money on A.J. Burnett, and therefore should have overspent with the personnel that he has accumulated in order to acquire Jason Bay. Which is quite possibly the stupidest thing we've ever heard spoken on Sportsnet, the Fan 590, or on any sports talk radio program anywhere.)

Come on, guys. We fucking well get that you hate J.P., and that anything he does is wrong in your eyes, and of course you are right because the proof lies in the fact that they haven't won the World Series under his watch.

This whole act is so tiresome. We're almost rooting for J.P. to get fired at this point if only so that the thin-skinned Toronto media can get over their fucking imaginary wounds and move on.

Hopefully, Tony LaCava won't offend anyone's precious sensibilities.


The Southpaw said...

I'm torn between hoping he goes so all the bashers will STFU, and hoping he stays just to prolong their agony.

Joanna said...

As it has been said about 10.5 billion times, compared to today's market, AJ is a freaking steal. McGowan covers up lack of research and insight with loudness. Sometimes it's fun to listen to them bitch, but other times, STFU.

Anonymous said...

does jim kelley know anything about anything? such a moron. why don't they just stick to hockey. get it, "stick" to hockey

Darren Priest said...

Another difference between the Muppets curmugeons and the PTS guys is they Statler and Waldorf actually watched the show.

daryl said...

I don't listen to PTS, but I didn't realize Jim Kelley had shifted his focus to baseball since retiring from the Buffalo Bills.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Keith Law comes in. He is just a big of a jerk as JP, but I think he knows a little more about baseball and identifying talent.