Thursday, June 26, 2008

A point of order for Mr. Blair

In his latest Globe on Baseball post, Our Hero and Spiritual Leader Jeff Blair winds his way through the neverending J.P. v. Dunn saga and debacle, and discusses the whole Crank Yankers incident of the person who called and spoke to J.P., but that Dunn swears wasn't him.

"Ricciardi says he deleted the incoming number from his cell phone, but that he noticed the area code was something like 519. Thing is, that's a southwestern Ontario number and with the Reds in Yankee Stadium ...."

Well, that's all very nice and all, and we dig the use of suspension points to indicate a raised eyebrow.

Except that to be fair to J.P., we'd point out that the area code in Cincinnati is 513, which at a glance and painted from memory can look an awful lot like 519.

Just sayin'...


Stedron said...

Dearest Tao,

Did you do your own research here, or did you swipe this from my comment on DJF? Not that this knowledge is all that hard to obtain, but being 15 minutes from "the 513" as the kids say, I'd like to feel like I contributed.

Tao of Stieb said...

Well, credit is due to you for picking this up before us, although we hadn't actually read your comment. Let's just write this down to great minds thinking alike, or the collective consciousness or something.

(We know that we get accused of stealing stuff from the DJF and taking all the fucking fun out it, but we honestly avoid rehashing anything that was there, comments included.)

We just wondered to ourselves as to whether if the Cincy area code might be easily confused with the 519, and sho 'nuff, there it was.

Stoeten said...

I actually followed up on this with one of my "sources"-- yes, evidently I now have sources-- and I'm told it genuinely was 519.

Tao of Stieb said...

And presumably, this source is J.P.'s call display, right?

Joanna said...

not to jinx anything, but notice someone is pink, round and effecient tonight.