Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shamed by our potty mouth

Wouldn't you know that the moment that we post something that's full of expleted deleteds, we'd have Yahoo's Big League Stew, Baseball Musings and Rob Neyer link to it. Our momma's gonna let us have it, but good.

Somewhere, Buzz Bissinger just slipped that post into a brown file folder for his next TV appearances decrying the damn pamphleteers.

Of course, it's true that we've allowed ourselves to get caught up in our shameless aping of the Drunk Jays Fan to such an extent that we can't even write a post without profanity anymore, gosh darnit.

Tonight's matchup is, delightful!
Just for the sake of perfect symmetry, tonight our hero and undisputed Cy Young front runner Jesse Litsch goes up against the last man added to the ToS Enemies List, Mike Mussina.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

wow, that's some serious linkage, Tao. well done.

and neyer's right...if Litsch was a Yankee, he'd be the king of NY, have a ton of groupies, a bunch of "rules" and some serious media clout.

and litsch has been better than Wang early on in his career...perhaps this kid is for real?

Joanna said...

My mom also read my blog and gave me a talking to about the swearing.

Then my dad told me the story about a kid he coached. The kid was about 17, and he grounded out and yelled "Fuck me!!" as he ran down to first. His mother yelled from the stands "You say that word one more time, I am taking you off that field!"

Drew said...

In times like this, it is best to remember the Tao of Spiderman:

With great power comes great responsibility.

Andrew said...

I'm glad the best blog name on the internet is getting some linkage. I also love the insertion of 'expletive deleted' ... makes me feel like I'm reading a Nixon transcript.

Tao of Stieb said...

(expletive deleted) Haldeman, it's the (expletive deleted) Yankees fans! They've always been out to get me. They're all a bunch of (expletive deleted)(expletive deleted) and commies! I'll show them!

The Ack said...

Neyer is big time, well done Tao. But it only furthers the point - swearing like a motherfucker is good for ratings (sorry Momma Tao).

PS - I love how you had to point out the Yankee fans that the "fat toad" comment was an Irabu reference, then they are all "oh wait...yeah....OK....yeah, that's funny"

Darren Priest said...

Well done, budday. Someday you will do this for money and will inevitably come around to Buzz Bissinger's way of thinking.

Stoeten said...

Awesome! Nice (expletive deleted) linkage!

Anonymous said...

revenge of joba.

The Southpaw said...

hoping to get quoted by bissinger the next time he appears on tv:

furry tuesday!
struggle buggy!
silly billy!
electric buttocks (foufounes electriques)!


Anonymous said...

re: potty mouth


Anonymous said...

Been a week since I've checked you guys out. Nice work on getting the Neyer plug!