Monday, June 23, 2008

The sharp tongue of the Law

This week's Drunk Jays Fans podcast was another knee slapper, even if it wasn't downloadable on iTunes for the second week in a row. (And yes, we know there are workarounds to get the damn mp3 on our iPod, but it's immensely more satisfying for us to pout and complain about sitting in front of our computer to listen.)

This week's guest was's Keith Law, who indulged in a bit of schadenfreude at the shite state of affairs in which his former boss J.P. Ricciardi finds himself. Law is very funny, and to be perfectly honest, we could see ourselves letting loose on some of our former employers given half the chance.

Clearly, these guys aren't BFF's. But before we pile on J.P., it bears noting that the very public sniping between he and Law began when the latter published a report on the four-letter's site stating that "Vernon Wells has told Blue Jays' management that he has no intention of signing a contract extension to stay in Toronto."

Vernon repudiated the statement immediately, and J.P. quipped that "He’s become a writer. It doesn’t take long. Keith Law is officially an idiot.” (The whole sordid tale can be found here and here.)

(CLARIFICATION: This tomfoolery happened in 2006...lest anyone think that this sniping was a recent thing.)

Just because Vernon reupped in Toronto, it doesn't necessarily mean that there was absolutely no validity to Law's story. Maybe one morning, after rolling up the rim and coming up empty once again, he exclaimed to any one of KLaw's possible sources in the Jays' front offices that he was done in Toronto. coulda happened that way.

Whatever the case, Keith Law goofed on this one and J.P. goofed on Ricky Romero, so we guess that makes it all even, right?

Ultimately, Law was a junior employee who disagreed with his superior, which probably happens about a billion times a day. It's just that not everyone has the bully pulpit of the Worldwide Leader to dump on their former boss.

And since we're dumping on sacred monsters...
Commenter Silvestre had an interesting take on Mike Wilner's last words about Ernie Whitt, which we think bears mentioning here:

"Funny that in mentioning he will not discuss Whitt anymore, Wilner induces a flurry of posts bashing Whitt, and links to the story. So now everyone knows what an asshole Whitt is without needing to divulge any details - mission accomplished.

Similar to the Toth incident a couple of weeks back where Wilner mentioned he would never attack a fellow broadcaster like Toth did and then let the posters pile on the slamming and ad hominem attacks. I generally like Wilner, but he is a sly one."

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Anonymous said...

Wilner always does crap like that. He's an arrogant asshole.