Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kevin Elster's brother has had enough

The genius behind the strategy of packing the Rogers Centre with Red Sox and Tigers fans has decided to take his show on the road, having had enough of Toronto and its general apathy towards baseball.

Jeff Blair reports that Patrick Elster, who has suffered through a life lived as the brother of Kevin Elster, decided to move on from the Jays as early as last December. This may explain his "fuck it, I'm outta here anyways" approach to selling tickets this year, which has resulted in a net drop of about 40,000 fans over the first 30 home dates.

Not that you can attribute all of this decline to Elster. The Jays have yet to have a really compelling opponent (i.e. Boston or the Yanks) come to town for a weekend series since the notorious opening weekend. It will be interesting to see if this weekend's matchup against the Cubs attracts many fans from across the Midwest, although given higher gas prices and the pain in the ass of getting back and forth across the border these days, the Jays won't be able to count on the visitors' fans packing the Dome.

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