Friday, June 20, 2008

J.P. sings Brenda Lee

We're sure that J.P. Ricciardi knew almost as soon as he let fly with the litany of criticisms of Adam Dunn to a petulant JaysTalk caller on Wednesday that he had stepped in it. Still, the Jays GM would have been well-served to take the high road and accept the criticism that the team isn't doing enough to get better rather than opening up as much of their internal decision-making processes as he did.

It's hard to say what J.P.'s apology will mean to the Reds' slugger, although for those of us who had been salivating at the prospect of having him as a big power threat in the middle of the team's anemic lineup shouldn't get our hopes up.

Buried Lede Department
Free commuter rag columnist Marty York really hid the most important part of the story in his rush to bury J.P. and insinuate that his "sources" say the end is nigh for the GM. You have to get all the way to the bottom of that piece (essentially a cut and paste of the transcript of the infamous call which appeared in dozens of blogs yesterday) before you get to the good news: "...I’ll also stop writing MLB Reports for a while." Hooray! Finally, something for baseball fans in Toronto to celebrate!

Enjoy the CFL season, Yorkie...and don't hurry back!


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

at least the Reds series next week will now be more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Getting a chance to see Jay Bruce would be crazy. Too bad I'm not even in North America right now.

Jay Bruce is nuts...well, he's coming back down to earth but he's still nuts.