Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We got nothin'

Holy shit. We've been staring at this screen for, like, a decade, and we've come to realize that we have absolutely nothing to say. Seriously. Nothin'.

Maybe it's just that we haven't watched a full game in almost two weeks (life itself having impeded our baseball privileges), or maybe it's that there's not nearly as much to bitch and moan about since the Jays finally pulled it together in the month of May.

It might even be that we are insanely jealous that the Drunk Jays Fans interviewed our not-so-secret mancrush Stephen Brunt on their latest podcast. (We're assuming that the invitation for a return engagement for yours truly must have been lost in our spam filter.)

Hey man, we're sorry. We've just gotten fat, lazy and disengaged. It's as if David Shoalts is writing the blog posts here. It's gotten so bad that we can barely muster the energy to shit on the Yankees in anticipation of the series, which starts tonight.

Sorry we suck. We're gonna get back into fighting shape this week, we swear.

In the meantime, we're just going to work the word "smegma" into as many posts as possible in lieu of saying anything witty or insightful.


Lloyd the Barber said...

So much self-deprecation. Less Cure, more Hold Steady in your day.

Anonymous said...

Get it together, man! Many of us rely on your insight! T'is the eve of a series against the Yankees!

Anonymous said...

bitch about how alex rios turns into shit after we sign him to a six year deal

Darren Priest said...
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Darren Priest said...

How 'bout you post 'bout them Rays? Honestly, if the Jays can't win the division, I'd like to see the Rays win it - if only to read the endless 'sky is falling/end times' columns that would surely follow.

Or, you could give up the baseball thing for one day and post a how-to guide for getting rid of squirrels in one's attic. Some of your regular readers might be having a problem with that.

Tao of Stieb said...

It's so sad that we come to the blog for therapy.

We sadly need your approval. We've got the insecurities of a 14 year-old bulimic cutter.