Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, that was one hell of a week, wouldn't you say?

So much happened last week that at a certain point, we started to feel like we couldn't keep up.

The losing streak.

The J.P. Meltdown.

The Dunn response.

The Prince Fielder inside-the-parker.

The extension of Aaron Hill's cranium injury time off.

Gibby fired. Cito (and the cast of Cocoon) hired.

No really, Cito's back.

Halladay takes a line drive off the mellon (and in true Doc fashion, still gets the out.)

Marcum goes on the DL, and goes to visit Dr. James Andrews...but no need to worry!

Adam Lind gets called up, having damaged AAA pitching as much as anyone could.

Oh, and the Blue Jays win a game.

Truly, a momentous week.

So, what now?
The odd thing about the next few weeks is that everyone is going to take their particular grievance or worry, and project it onto the team's performance. If the Jays score a few runs (as they finally did in yesterday's 8-5 win over the Bucs), then it will clearly be the repudiation of the strategy of patience preached by Gary Dembo. Or it will be Cito's guidance and his strategy of being more aggressive at the plate. Or Cito gave them all a good pep talk and then they came out and played with heart because Cito made them care.

Or, if they continue to get their asses handed to them, then the Jays will be a failure because of J.P. Ricciardi, and he should clearly be the next to go.

(These are the things that we've already heard, and we're sure that there's more from where that come from.)

Anyways, our point is that you can believe whatever you want to over the next few weeks. We're going to sit back and let all of the madness soak in a bit. When you try to impose meaning on events before you've even had time to process them or put them in their proper context, you end up just using them to confirm your own particular prejudices.

Then again, if it weren't for snap judgments and unsound reasoning, we doubt we'd have anything to blog about.


the ack said...

Last week was monumentally momentous, and thus deserves the coining of a new word. Let's roll with "monumomentous".

So, I was thinking, if the Jays horseshitting (another new word I coined....get it? horse shit....hitting....horseshitting....get it??) was the reason for the awfulness of the season, why not just sacrifice Denbo instead of Gibby and half the staff?

eyebleaf said...

of all the craziness that happened last week, and much of it truly was crazy, the one that stands out and makes you say "what the fuck!?" is not Cito's return, but rather "The Prince Fielder inside-the-parker." That shit shouldn't even be possible.

eyebleaf said...

as for Denbo not being the only one to get the sack, I think fire-age of the entire coaching staff (save a few cats) showed urgency. showed that the record of this club is unacceptable. it also showed some accountability. heads had to roll. not just denbo's head.

Tao of Stieb said...

Incidentally...We read Blair's column today where he mentions that there were "fines" from Denbo for pulling the ball.

Really? Because if that shit's true, the Denbo should have been hung from his nutsack from the catwalks in the SkyDome's roof.

What a monumomentously stupid idea.