Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Blue Jays will make your dumb off season signings look sorta good

Not to be a downer about tonight's 3-1 win over the Mariners, but didn't the Jays make Carlos Silva look like a legitimate Major League starting pitcher, instead of the overpriced tomato can that he is? Maybe his fellow struggling southpaws Dontrelle Willis and Barry Zito could use a start against the Toronto Nine to get themselves righted.

Sure, the Jays won, but it was mostly on the back of a stellar pitching performance from Dusty (Return of the Lambchops) McGowan, who went the distance.

Odds and Sods

Gregg Zaun's hospital gown provided by Gregg Zaun: Blairsy reports that Zaunie (cripes...this isn't a Canadian blog or nothin', eh?) will not come off the DL as soon as initially thought, providing Rod Barajas with more time to steal his job.

Jon Hale will answer your queries forthwith: Good job by the Mockingbird's "stat dude" for getting on the case to answer Blair's questions about the favourable calls that Halladay might have received on Sunday. It's a tribute to Hale's intellectual honesty that he doesn't make too many homer excuses for why Halladay gets the calls he does. (Also, we like that he's lost track of the Aaron Rowand bacon meter, as a stellar May by the Giants centerfielder has us fever-dreaming about nitrates.)

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The Ack said...

pumped for the win and all, but seriously, pitching matchups don't mean a damn thing with this team this season. with a few exceptions so far, you know we are getting a good start and so is the opposing team, regardless of whether it's a 350 lb Carlos Silva or Josh Beckett we're facing.