Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marco Scutaro is a gritty gamer

You see how Marco slid headfirst across first base? That makes him last night's Gritty Gamer with Heart and Grit and Probably Chemistry Too.

Also, it makes him a bit of an idiot, seeing as how you can run through the bag quicker. But what do we know? We haven't got any heart or grit.

Maybe if we had better chemistry with the Jays, they could have shown some determination and urgency and won last night's game in extra innings. Instead, we sat back and ate chips in bed and the Jays lost 6-5 to the Reds. We just have to want it more. We've got to give it our all and focus on the task at hand, rather than listening to Jerry and Alan while trolling around for pictures of naked celebrities.


You know who is a gritty gamer?
Roy Halladay. Dude went out five days after taking a line drive off the melon, and threw 121 pitches. It wasn't his best outing, but the fact that he's out there at all is a tribute to the Stormin' Mormon.

Brian Wolfe would do well to learn how to take the out that they are trying to give up
Oh Wolfie. You are so pleasantly plump, and your tiny goatee accentuates your auxiliary chins. It's just too bad that you had to walk the first batter you saw (bad), then walk a guy who was squaring around to give himself up to advance the runner (superbad!). And this, after Scott Downs and B.J. Ryan had held down the fort.

Say, what ever happened to Jeremy Accardo?
Apparently, he "remains in a holding pattern on his rehab assignment and there is no timetable for his return." So we'll have to go a while before seeing his splendid mullet.



I have to say that I HATE IT when people hate on players who slide through First Base.

Why? Have you ever ran through first base in your life?

It's not like you go up there and say "Hey, I'm going to slide through first base today".

What it really is, is that you are running so hard, seeing how you can smell that infield hit - your forward momentum starts to fall - meaning your upper body is trying to run faster than your legs can run, and you eventually start falling forward because of stupid gravity.

Would you rather see someone slide through first base, or see someone snap their thigh tripping over First base?


sp said...

Wow. I was JUST at egotastic before coming here. Are you spying on me?

BTW, wtf is screwface talking about? Sliding slows you down, running through doesn't.

MK Piatkowski said...

Stormin' Mormon. I love it.