Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gary Denbo must have been a really awful hitting coach

How else can you explain the Blue Jays sudden offensive explosion in his absence? Maybe he had been preaching a tantric hitting approach that finally paid off big time last night.

(Of course, there is the scary prospect of what Denbo is going to do to the Jays' minor leaguers, now that he's been offered a roaming instructor position with the team.)

The first two innings of last night's 14-1 demolition of the Reds provided a week's worth of highlights, including three homers (THREE HOMERS!), lots of extra base hits, and hitting with runners in scoring position. Not that we're going to break out the party hats and print our playoff tickets at home (for a small fee) straight away, but you've got to hope that this "see ball, hit ball" approach that the new/old regime is preaching is going to result in more big innings like last night.

Alternatively, the Jays could just try to make sure that they face Bronson Arroyo as often as possible. (Hope the singing career is going well for Bronson, because he might need something to fall back on.)

J.P. and Dunn...more hilarity!
It goes on and on and on. It's like watching The Hills, only without the hot/dumb women and Spencer's bizarre flesh-coloured beard. To be honest, we don't even give a rat's ass anymore.

Wednesdays...with J.P.?
What are the chances that the embattled GM hits the airwaves tonight? And if he does, will a minion from Rogers be sitting beside him to taser him should he make any controversial comments?

Gibby's parting words
John Gibbons appeared yesterday on the Fan 590 with Herbal Fat Boy Gord Stellick and the perpetually incredulous Damien Cox. Gibby sounded sanguine about everything that went down, and seems more or less at peace with it all. As excited as everyone is about Cito, we hope people recognize that Gibby acquitted himself pretty well, especially over the past two years. We'll miss him (and that's coming from someone who was demanding his head on a pike on this very blog.)


the ack said...

not sure about another managing job, but I think Gibby would make someone a great bench coach.

Let's see Pedro Martinez try and toss him around during a brawl.

oh yeah, and after last night, PLAnevermind....

Andrew said...

Everyone should call in as Adam Dunn tonight.

Tony said...


Mono said...

I agree with *the ack*, the Gibbons would make a good bench coach. Criteria: Looks like he doesn't give a darn but knows how to lay down the law in the dugout. Listening to Wilner and canvassing every article I can I still can't make heads or tails about why our hitting uniquely flatlined with Denbo. What we do know is to collectively hope Arroyo gets released and picked up by another AL East team

Joanna said...

I think it was doing what Denbo suggested, getting frustrated when it wasn't working, losing confidence. x 9. Or x 6 or 7, anyone who just did what they felt like doesn't count.

I love that you know who Spencer is, Tao. That guy is like the worst, douchiest guy ever. I see him as the next GM.

Tim said...

Gibby's big mistake was that he sounded like Charlie Manuel's little brother. Except if you cut thru the accent etc., he had some intelligent stuff to say. CM on the other hand, I needed an interpreter when he managed the Indians.

MK Piatkowski said...

I too would like to see Gibby end up somewhere. The man handled himself with class. How he's handled his firing has impressed me immensely.