Monday, February 25, 2008

Shannon Stewart's signing does not guarantee a World Series berth

Let's be clear: the Shannon Stewart signing is good in as much as it provides some extra insurance for the Jays' left field situation.

Yeah, there were a pile of guys at that position, but they consisted of a 40 year-old whose 2007 season may or may not be a mirage, a mid-range prospect who hasn't exactly lit it ablaze when he got the call, and a goateed short white guy. So, you know...nothing exceptional.

Frankly, Stewart is a guy who has aged quickly, has a fraction of the power you'd hope for from a corner outfielder, can't reasonably play any other outfield position, and has hamstrings that could spontaneously combust at any moment. So we're not printing up the playoff tickets quite yet.

Reed Johnson - Gutsy Gamer, Pouty Pouter
Granted, it's hard to read the tone of a newspaper story, but here's Johnson's first reaction to the signing (as told to Robert MacLeod, who's showing grit and giving 110% himself this spring) :
“I'm going to play somewhere...Whether it's here or for another team I just want to play baseball. I want to get out there ... and work on my swing and try to become a better player. If it's here, great. If not, I'll move somewhere else."
Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays!

UPDATE: The Blair Chimes In
Jeff Blair blogs that interest around the league in Reed is "non-existent", according to a front office source.


stoeten said...

At least it will provide for a storyline throughout the spring, beyond the tired Casey or Jesse debate.

sager said...

What, isn't Reeder also pink, round and efficient, in his way?

t.u.g. said...

Depth is nice, but what are they doing giving Stewart 1.5 million + incentives for a minor league deal? Nobody else wanted him.

Well, maybe the Stewart signing is a motivational signing to get Johnson to giver that much more.

Who knows what J.P. is thinking.

Anonymous said...

I think it's 'burth'

Anonymous said...

–noun 1. a shelflike sleeping space, as on a ship, airplane, or railroad car.
2. Nautical. a. the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf.
b. the distance maintained between a vessel and the shore, another vessel, or any object.
c. the position or rank of a ship's officer.
d. the cabin of a ship's officer.

3. a job; position.

Anonymous said...

"Berth" You're right. Pretty sure. No wait. 100% sure.

Further: I'm 34 (recently) and experiencing some of the trepidation that comes w/ that. Shannon Stewart makes me feel young & fucking vibrant.

Stairs (almost) makes SS seem young. Stairs, or "Steps" as we call him.

Aged quickly indeed.

Keep up the good work TOS!