Friday, February 29, 2008

Blue Jays offense continues to struggle. Litsch is a bum. All is lost.

The Jays' offense (led by leadoff-hitter-on-the-way-out Reed Johnson) was anemic in yesterday's 4-1 rout at the hands of the Detroit Tigers. These guys can't come through in the clutch, and they don't got no heart. (You can check out the carnage here.)

Travis Snider's hitless performance likely bumps him pack into the lower tier of prospects, and he's likely to become a career minor-leaguer.

Jesse Litsch also has got to be better than that if the Jays are going to compete with the Rays for third place. Heck, he might not even help the Fisher Cats at this rate.

This team, after one fake game, is in shambles. Gibby and J.P. had better start packing up their offices.

(Too strong? Too soon? What can we say...we're trying to work on our doom and gloom posts in anticipation of the long season ahead. We're still working out the kinks, but we feel like we're in the best shape of our career.)

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