Friday, February 22, 2008

Meet the Mets' Bloggers

A tip of the cap to our pals over at the Ballclub, who wished us well yesterday on our future raw bacon exploits. (Honestly, we spent 10 minutes the other day at the Loblaws looking at bacon, trying to determine which package was least likely to kill us.)

The Ballclub is the only non-Jays team blog to which we link at this point, in part because we spent a few of our formative years listening to Mets games on WFAN when the station came in clearly. (And those were the 1990s Mets teams, so no one could accuse us of bandwagon jumping. ) We're not exactly Mets fans, but if we have to pick an NL team, we'll pick them. Because of Mookie. And because we have a tendency to send them our first basemen.

One thing though: we can never root for the Mets when they wear black. The uniform that Johan Santana wore when he was introduced? We can get behind that.

Getting Props from Strange and Sundry Places
We were doing some maintenance the other day, when we notice that someone posted a comment under the name "Jody Vance", responding in a good-humoured manner to our post about her from way back in the fall. The real Jody Vance is apparently on mat leave, so we'll assume that given the debacle that is the 2007-08 Maple Leaves, she has nothing better to do than read our blog. In which case, she's officially our favorite anchorwoman. (Back of the line, Holly Horton!)

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hugo said...

I, too, am a Jays fan who roots for the Mets in the NL. It works out because Jays and Mets fans both hate the Yanks and Sox.