Thursday, February 21, 2008

Radio is a sound salvation

The Globe's Bill Houston lays out the Spring Training broadcast schedule for the Jays. Can you believe that a week from tomorrow, we get Jerry, Allan and Wilner back on the air? Although only on to start. (For free?)

He also reports on the TV schedule, which kicks off next weekend with the wacky CityTV crew. Which, you know, should be a barrel of laughs. The Drunk Jays Fans covered this off very well ages ago, so we leave the Jennifer Valentyne innuendo to them.

UPDATE, 2:42 PM: Houston's also got news now on the Jays TV schedule. 144 games will be televised in total (120 100 on Sportsnet, 24 on CBC, and 20 on Rod Black's mustache). We'll go ahead and assume that Rogers will show the other 18 games (likely weekday afternoon games, with a few early season exceptions) on the preview channel, although no formal announcement was made to that effect.

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