Friday, February 29, 2008

Halladay to restore the faith

Roy Halladay takes the ball at 1:05 this afternoon, with a squad full of veterans behind him instead of yesterday's collection of scrubs and rookies.

Cathal Kelly reports on the Star blog that the lineup will look like this:

1 - Eckstein
2 - Rios
3 - Wells
4 - Thomas
5 - Rolen
6 - Stairs
7 - Overbay
8 - Hill
9 - Zaun

Kelly also cements his indie cred by sending out a long distance dedication of Band of Horses' awesome The Funeral as a thematically appropriate tune for today's presumed shellacking.


Torgen said...

Doesn't The Book say to bat your best hitter second?

sager said...

Why put 3 lefties in a row?