Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Dog Days of February

It's barely a few weeks into spring training, and already, we're scrounging a bit for topics on which we can wax poetic. That's what happens when you've done more than 510 blogposts about the Blue Jays in less than ten months...eventually, you're trying to get something out of the resin in the pipe.

So thank the Baby Jeebus, real fake games start today!

Jesse Litsch gets the nod to pinkly, roundly and efficiently take on the refurbished Tigers at 1:05 pm. Wilner reports that while most of the big dudes in Dunedin will stay behind, the team will send some intriguing players to Lakeland: new Jays Marco Scutaro, and Rod Barajas will make the trip, while top prospect David Purcey should get the ball in the fourth and Travis Snider will DH.

And as a sign of our profound illness, we'll be keeping an eye on Gameday all afternoon.

The Jays haven't posted anything yet, but the Tigers' press notes are available here.

L'chaim, Shawn
Via Blair, the NY Post reports that Shawn Green is hanging them up, and is happy to stay home with the wife and kids. What a mensch.

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