Monday, February 11, 2008

The fan outrage rages on...doesn't it?

Wow. We kinda lost our shit on Friday, didn't we?

It took a full weekend of being strapped down and watching the Game Show Network just to get our heart rate back to normal.

Much thanks goes out to all of those who picked up the torch over the weekend and went about setting Messers Godfrey and Elster ablaze (figuratively, of course), including the DJF, Hum and Chuck, Belong to Rios, Bottom of the Order, Ghostrunner on First and (Best Regards,) John Brattain.

And of course, all of this outrage was obviously picked up by the mainstream media.

Right? Right? Hello?...Is this thing on?

We don't want this to descend into one of those twee blog posts about how the MSM is corrupt and obviously isn't hip to the jive like us bloggers. We're just a little disappointed that after Blair poked the story with a long stick on Friday, nobody touched it. (At least, no one that we saw.)

We could go into a whole new rant, about how the media game is fixed, and how the TV rightsholders didn't want to hurt their relationships and how the birdcage liners didn't want to do anything that would limit their access to the organization.

But that'd be beneath us.

Instead, we'll just send out this Long Distance Dedication to Paul Godfrey, and all the kids in the Jays front office. This is what you get when you mess with us.


Lloyd "the barber" Moseby said...

Paul Godfrey - he definitly talks in maths.

Andrew said...

Pitchers and catchers report soon. BASEBALL!!!

Domiso "the shirt burner" Garcia said...

but when he talks, often I see feces spraying out of his mouth.