Thursday, February 28, 2008

V-Dub says: "It's time to win."

It's a week-old interview, but we're just thrilled on a piss-freezing cold day to hear a Blue Jay talking baseball.

Seeing as how the entire Canadian sports media was completely enthralled for the past seven days with trade talk that didn't amount to jack squat, finding any news out of Dunedin is a bit of a chore. (And we can only sit through so many hockey panels before our head blows up like those dudes in Scanners.)

Enjoy the seriously low-key stylings of Vernon Wells.


the ack said...

christ Vernon, easy on the greenies will ya'?

Darren Priest said...

I can understand you being sick of listening to Leafs trade talk. The amount of air time and ink devoted to that team is astounding, but are you not feelin the Sens anymore either?