Thursday, February 21, 2008

The internets love mustaches, the 1984 Blue Jays

That goofy 1984 Blue Jays/Michael Jackson mustache extravaganza that we posted earlier this week? It's blowed up real good today.

A mention in's Extra Mustard this morning has set off a bit of a slow burning fire of interest, including some of the sports blogosphere's heavy hitters. See below for a rundown of the bloggers who obviously can enjoy awkward acting and prominent facial hair as much as we do...even if they'll never understand how much Cliff Johnson means to us.
(And again, props to All Your Base Are Belong to Rios for finding for us.)

Ah...what the hell. Here's the video once again. (Peter Gross: you owe us a Pepsi.)


Mets2Moon said...

Thank you. You've made my day.

I wonder how the hell they convinced Dempsey to appear in this schlock?

Archimedes said...

Now THATS a spring training report.

Barry Davis, take notes.

Darren Priest said...

Sometimes I think I was born too late.

Andrew said...

This video would have come out just about when I was born. Pitchers and catchers tend to report some time during my birthday hangover.

Oh 80's.. Too bad I can't remember what they were like... I hate being a default bandwagon passenger.

Charo said...

Well said.