Monday, February 18, 2008

Alex Rios pities the fool that doesn't dig his hair

Happy Family Day, bitches! Having just pulled ourselves out of a Jamesons and Madden 08-induced stupor, it's time to catch up on a weekend's worth of Blue Jays news.

The Hair That Ate Dunedin
Middle-aged white dudes love funny hair cuts almost as much as they love home videos of people getting hit in the nuts, so it's a good thing that Alex Rios apparently lost a drunken bet with his buddies in Puerto Rico this winter. Rios' B.A. Baracus do is all the rage, especially with Globe Junior. Rios has apparently also emulated Mr. T's musculature, as he was swatting BP pitches into the yards of unsuspecting neighbours.

In addition to follicle talk, there's more contract talk around Rios, with Blairsy reporting that the team is getting ready to talk extension with his agent this week. Also, there's only one Blue Jay (Vernon) signed beyond 2010...which is a topic for another post.

News from the Harbinger of Doom File
Travis Snider is unable to participate in Spring Training activities, because his 20 year-old elbow is all buggered up. Grrrreat.

The Star Has a Baseball Blog. Contain Your Excitement
And if Dick Griffin can figure out this new-fangled blog technology (the Speak-N-Spell nearly killed him), then we can be sure to enjoy hundreds of mentions of his days in the Expos PR shop over the next year.

Two quick thoughts on the Star blog: first, we're almost positive that Cathal Kelly used to be in the Rentals, and second, the banner ad for Antonia Zerbisias' blog that ran at the top of the page this morning scares the shit out of us.

The Recognition We So Richly Deserve
Best regards indeed to John Brattain, who awarded us (along with the Drunk Jays Fans) with the weekly Pujols Award for our incessant ranting about the Jays' ticketing bullshit.

Which reminds us: we ponied up for our opening series tickets, and couldn't get the seats that we wanted. Hmmm. Why would that be? Honestly, if we're stuck looking at the ginger asscrack hair of Sully from Worcester and his best pal Fitzy from East Brookfield all weekend, we're going to go ballistic.

And the service charges on Jays tickets? Don't even get us started.


John Brattain said...

Hey, you earned it and them some. We need more guys to kick some butt when idiocy like this happens.

Thanks for the quote BTW ... I was able to use it both at THT and MSN.

Best Regards


Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.