Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Return of the Sideburn

In the most important story out of Dunedin this spring (which has gone completely unreported thus far), Dustin McGowan is once again sporting a snazzy set of sideburns, thereby allowing him to assume his rightful title as Dusty Lambchops.

(We apologize to Jordan Bastian for swiping his photo for this post, but this news was too important for us to wait for a photo to come through the wire. For more of Bastian's photographic genius, visit his Spring Training photo gallery. No really. Go.)


Lindsay said...

It was a scary couple of months there, but they're back.

Thank goodness.

T.U.G. said...

Rios with a Mohawk- Important
McGowan with his chops- Crucial

You should update us on Johnson's Go-T information, then we'll be ready for the season.

the ack said...

yo tao, the ack here.

I'll keep this short, as I am on the verge of committing a horrible crime out of furious anger, but I am putting you cats on notice for a full post discussing Tom Cheek being passed over for the Ford Frick Award, again. outrageous.

bridfinn said...

Seeing Dustin without the sideburns left me a bit shaken and disturbed, very much like the time Doc shaved his beard. It's good to feel so safe again.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I knew the 'burns would be back. I bet he only shaves them for the offseason because his wifey doesn't like to be chafed, if ya know what I mean...
*nudge, nudge*
*wink, wink*