Friday, February 1, 2008

Gord Ash on the Sirotka Deal: "Our Doctor Was a Putz"

Or something to that effect.

In an artice in today's Seattle Times dealing with the Bedard-to-Mariners-for-Adam-Jones'-Degenerated-Hip trade, the dark spectre of the Mike Sirotka deal is mentioned, and former Jays' GM Gord Ash addressed the deal.

"(Buyer beware) has been, and remains, the standard in baseball. In this particular case, our doctor signed off on Sirotka. Obviously, he was wrong."

Aw, snap! We're not sure who that doctor was, or where he is now, but dude's got some bus tire tracks across his sternum right about now.

Scary Thought
What if the same doctor cleared Scott Rolen? (It seems unlikely, but someone set us straight, or we might not sleep until April.)

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/a said...

I thought the Santana deal was drawn out and boring. This will-they-or-won't-they betwixt the O's and the M's is an even bigger dud. If Adam Jones' hip really is faulty, here's hoping he somehow passes Baltimore's physical. If he's actually healthy, pity to see the Mariners piss away so much young talent for the chance to be just a few games closer to the Angels come September.