Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't call it a combeack

Well, mash our taters. The Jays signed Shannon Stewart to a minor-league deal.

And right about now, Reed Johnson's crappy goatee is spontaneously blasting itself out of his chin.

The guess here is that something would have to go very wrong with the rest of the roster for Stewart to make the big club, or maybe there's another move in the offing.


Andrew said...

This would help in case of a Vernon injury. They could slot Stewart in anywhere instead of doing some outfield shuffle. It just seems odd that he signed a minor league deal after a decent season last year.

Robbie Alomar said...

It will be interesting to see if this means the Jays would consider 5 men on the bench rather than 7 relievers.

Anonymous said...

Don't quite understand this signing.
Stewart and Sparky's bat's are about even, but I'll take Sparky's defence anyday over Stewart.
This is a head scratcher.

Torgen said...

Johnson's breakout season saw his OBP driven by HBP way more than anyone's should be. Patience seems like a more repeatable skill than getting plunked.

Anonymous said...

If Rios won't sign a long contract, he is going to be trade bait.