Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ain't nobody loves Shawn Green

Metro crayon scribbler Marty York ponders the unponderable in today's column, when he wonders why the heck nobody has bothered to sign former Jay Shawn Green.

The answer isn't that difficult to find: It's because Shawn Green sucks ass.

York talks about Green's career achievements, and raves about Green's performance last year (.291 BA with 10 homers and 46 RsBI). "Couldn’t the Blue Jays use a decent outfielder?" he asks.

Well, maybe. But Shawn Green hasn't been a decent outfielder for a few years now. And just for reference, in 90 fewer ABs, Matt Stairs hit 21 HRs and drove in 64 playing in essentially the same role that Green would play. Hell, Adam Lind hit 11 homers and drove in 46 in about 150 fewer ABs.

So we kinda already have that area covered. But thanks for the handy advice, Marty!

Come to think of it, we might prefer Ruben Sierra over Green for 2008.


stoeten said...

There are three years there (excluding a down year that's sandwiched in) between 99 and 02 where his OPS was 90-120 points higher than his career average. I'm more than a little suspicious.

Tao of Stieb said...


Let's not have that sort of reckless speculation about the fact that Shawn Green's power numbers first went through the roof in the season that he played with Jose Canseco!

None of that!

Domiso "the shirt burner" Garcia said...

Marty York is a homer.

Darren Priest said...

I have to wonder what kind of contract/money Shawn Green is looking for at this point.

John said...

There is a reason Marty York works for a free paper.

The kid that shovels my front walk has better sources and no doubt could turn a better phrase.

Mets2Moon said...

Let's face it. I watched Green all of last season and there's not much left. His swing is massive to the point where he might fall over when he misses a pitch, and he's basically become an inside-out slap hitter with pull power only. Given the option of re-signing Green or retaining cheaper Marlon Anderson wasn't much of an argument.

That said, I'm kind of surprised nobody at least offered him a spot in camp somewhere this year.