Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just another day: Sun comes up, we've got Johnny Mac conjecture

The discussion of John McDonald and his future with the club has reached absurd proportions, as we Jays bloggers have spilled buckets of digital ink on the Jays' number nine hitter.

However, Neate at Out of Left Field has done some yeoman's work on this file, following up on some of Mike Wilner's recent late-into-the-overnight comments, which had pegged Johnny Mac as roughly the equivalent of Ozzie Smith in the field, and Cal Ripken at the plate.

We don't want to dump on Johnny Mac any more, but suffice to say, if the Jays don't get production from anywhere in their lineup, then all the sliding throws and basket catches in the world aren't going to make this team a playoff contender this year, or any year in the near future.


Darren Priest said...

Is that the mascot Ace? He looks different.


Wouldn't it just be lovely if we still had Michael Young instead of this pointless discussion on our hands? I mean, owning the memory of a half-season of Esteban Loaiza is pretty sweet, but I'd even let the Rangers hold onto the rights to Darwin Cubillán to have Young back. Damn you, Gord Ash.