Sunday, August 19, 2007

Somedays, just enough is good enough to get you by

Stop us if you've heard either of these stories before. The first one goes like this: Roy Halladay pitches lights out over nine innings, bearing down and stymieing the opposition after a couple of early runs. The other is the one about how the Jays offense barely scrapes more than a couple of runs together.

That was pretty much the story with this afternoon's 3-2 extra inning win over the Orioles. We probably don't even need to do game recaps at this point. The win keeps the Jays at 6.5 back in the Wild Card, if you're still tracking that sort of thing.

We'll take a win any day, but this seemed like the most passionless walkoff win we've ever seen. It just all seemed very "meh". (Then again, we weren't listening to Jamie Campbell, who might have been having kittens in the booth after Aaron Hill hit the lazy sac fly).

Both Vernon Wells and Troy Glaus hit round numbers in RsBI this afternoon, with Wells driving in his 70th and Glaus driving himself in for his 50th with a fifth inning homer. With six weeks to go in the season, it would appear that neither player will get a sniff at 100 RsBI, a situation that is of obvious concern.

On the other hand, it is plausible that the Jays will end the season with three players driving in 90 or more. (Frank Thomas, 73; Wells; and Rios, 67.) We're not sure if you can fit faint praise like that onto an ice cream cake, but we'll look into it.


Darren Priest said...

Is more grammatically accurate RsBI in common usage now? Seems unnecessary, but I suppose it beat RBIs and prevents anyone from thinking you are talking about your favorite cut of beef.

On another note, just watched Sportscenter and they referred to Roger Federer as R-Fed. Good god, that naming convention is annoying.

Darren Priest said...

Got to hate it when you're posting about grammar and your post is full of grammatical errors.

And also, I think Chad Bradford is my new favorite reliever: funky delivery, great stats, and a wicked 'stache! What's not to love. Sign him JP!

Jonathan said...

Bradford is signed for the next two years with the O's for 3.5 million. While I admire the ability to get out batters with an 80 mph fastball, Tallet is just as effective and for a lot less.

Darren Priest said...

You make a great point, but I still would like to see more awesombah hair de le face on the Jays. Turn them into the 70s Oakland A's. Can we maybe start calling him "Catfish" Tallet?