Friday, August 3, 2007

Ballhype Bullshit - "Stop Mike Lupica" must be stopped

Ballhype's been getting lots of, well, hype, for their recent survey of sports bloggers. Deadspin was all over it, as were the bacchanalian badasses over at Drunk Jays Fans.

Which brings us to our major gripe about our Ballhype blog ranking.

We check it every day religiously, and on the odd days when we do get bumped up a few spots, we get a bit of a chubby.

But a look at the rankings of Blue Jays bloggers shows the top Jays blog as Stop Mike Lupica (and we refuse to link to them, because that'll just bump them higher!) Now, the joke of this is that these goofs decided that there weren't enough Blue Jays blogs out there, so they would fill the void, co-opting our team for their own twisted sense of magnanimity.

But in truth, they bored of the exercise immediately, and they haven't even posted a single thing about the Jays since April. So why are they still tagged as a Jays blog on Ballhype?

We call on the good folks at Ballhype to strip these guys of their designation as a Jays blog, so that these rankings (which me more to us than you can possibly know) are from here on a fair and accurate representation of the true state of Jays blogs, and so that they are beyond reproach.

Just like the MLB home run record.


Adam Godson said...

If you're ever unfortunate enough to read Stop Mike Lupica, you'd remember that he's the one that rants ad nauseum about never getting links from Deadspin and how FanHouse is ruining the blogosphere. Now he's stealing the miniscule joys of Jays bloggers. I think he actually IS Mike Lupica.

Jason said...

Guys, you present a compelling argument. Three months with no Jays posts is quite a drought.

The problem is, SML sent us a six pack in exchange for keeping their Blue Jays tag up through the end of the year. If you can top that--perhaps with a case of Canada's finest--we'd be happy to reconsider, however.

stopmikelupica said...

You got me, I'll man up and admit it. I actually had planned to have a friend of mine from McGill who is a big Blue Jays fan post regularly about the Jays for the site; it hasn't happened yet. Meanwhile, I live in NYC and don't get to watch Jays games, so I haven't posted about them in a while. I did predict they would do well this season, and if not for some of the bigger injuries they probably would be a legit contender....

But yeah, I totally understand if BallHype revokes my status as a "Jays Blog"... I have failed to live up to that.

Adam Godson is just spreading idiotic rhetoric. Despite his rant, and misuse of the word "ad nauseum" (don't you love when people use words they see other people using), most people who have read my posts understood my points and a lot supported what I was saying. But I do apologize if I am stealing any of your joy. I'll make it to you in Labatts....