Thursday, August 30, 2007

Question for Miss South Carolina

How many baserunners can the Blue Jays leave on base in extra innings, and still expect to win? Moreover, how can the Jays hammer Huston Street for a couple of bombs in the ninth, and then politely hand the home side a 5-4 victory?

Or, alternately, tell us what you know about maps, South Africa, "US America" and "The Iraq".

Other questions
-Quien es mas macho? Matt Stairs es mas macho!

-So, about Lyle Overbay's hand...does it only hurt when he grounds out? Because that was a pretty frickin' monstrous shot in the ninth.

-The Globe and Mail has two baseball beat reporters. Understanding that maybe the national fishwrap didn't want to send them out to the coast, after having blown their travel budget on Blair's Barry Bonds BonanzaTM, would it kill one of them to update their eight-days-stale blog?


MadMojo said...

Ah Miss South Carolina ...

I look forward to seeing you on America's got Talent. Assuming you can find the audition, of course.

sager said...

And why did she have a bracelet engraved Mr. F? I assume that's some kind of spy.