Saturday, August 25, 2007

He's a Doctor, not a miracle worker

You've gotta feel for Roy Halladay. Last night's complete game 3-0 loss to the Angels was as gutsy as the Jays' offense was limpy. Doc got hit around, but bore down enough to snuff out several rallies, in the hopes that the bats would somehow come alive.

They obviously didn't.

It's too bad Halladay can't hit, given his 1.000 OPS and .500 AVG.

Mind you, the Jered Weaver to Justin Speier to Scott Shields to Francisco Rodriguez combo that the Angels ran out last night is ridiculously solid, and looks like a playoff pitching staff.

But the Jays offense, which was sleepy throughout this month, has gone colder than cold. There isn't a single hot bat in the lineup, and no one is picking anyone else up.

It's too bad the Jays don't have a dedicated member of their coaching staff who is focussed on improving the team's offense. That might help.


Jim Briggs said...

I'm not sure if the last paragraph is facetious, but isn't that precisely Mick Brantley's job?

Time to bring in Junior Felix or, my personal suggestion, John Olerud to straighten out these mofos.

Really, who better than the kid with the sweetest swing to grace the Skydome to right the wrongs?

Just sayin'.

Chris said...

Someone get that man a sarcasm detector!

Tao of Stieb said...

We just figured that we've used the words "Fire Mickey Brantley" so often that maybe we should adopt a slightly different stance.

Jim Briggs said...

word. Wasn't sure if you were backing off of that stance.

I'm all for giving a good deal of this team a chance when healthy. But one would also think that the guy whose job is to recognize inconsistencies and problems with swings would be working around the clock to fix problems like those the Jays have been having.

Darren Priest said...

What about overpaying for a guy who could show them the know, a guy who loved them TO strippers...a demigod...who could fill the seats because he exists. I'm not asking for the second coming cause he already came...all over some muscular gal's chest. I just want to matter. I need this.